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Business Planning days
As part of our strategic business planning service, we invariably plan and then facilitate workshops and away days for our clients. The purpose of these sessions is to allow practice leaders to articulate and agree common aims, define a practice ethos and then explore how these aims might be best achieved.


"Colander has worked with TateHindle to facilitate business strategy away-days, sector business plans and marketing material reviews. Working with Caroline has been valuable to aid the analysis of our business practices, be resilient and plan for the future."
Sarah Brown
Tate Hindle


However, our facilitation skills have also been used by many of our clients to help unlock communications on more mundane day to day practice management, or project related issues.

The great thing about having an external facilitator is that it allows everyone round the table to participate in the discussion without having to watch the agenda or the clock – equally it ensures that the conversations remain on track and that the session ends with a clear, agreed, action list.

If the facilitator is also able to bring industry specific intelligence to the conversation then the conversation becomes even richer; Colander’s long and intensive involvement with the design and engineering professions brings this richness.


"I have used Caroline for two specific functions within the procurement and management of real estate – taking and interpreting client aspirations and as the facilitator of project reviews. She has an excellent grasp of the technical issues across the multi-disciplines used in the delivery of large commercial buildings and a good understanding of the business parameters needed for monitoring and managing them in use."
Andrew Vander Meersch
Tanza Technical Real Estate Ltd

Project reviews
We have facilitated sessions – on behalf of client organisations as well as design teams – that allow people working on a project to define their working relationships at the outset of a project and agree the most appropriate working methodologies and communications protocols.

As a project progresses, we also facilitate project reviews: in-house, or with a wider audience encompassing the full design team, client organisations, building users, contractors and facilities managers.

These sessions tend to focus on the process of delivering a project rather than the end product; the idea being to identify how the next stage of the project – or the next project – could be managed and delivered more efficiently and effectively.


"Caroline is an excellent facilitator who is able to coax very different individuals to create common goals."
David Derby
Price & Myers Consulting Engineers