Competition services

We work from first principles to give each client a tailored competition that is best able to deliver the right team for the given project.

Our approach :

Competition structures vary depending on the complexity of the project and, crucially, on whether the client is looking to select a design, or to find an architect (or design team) with whom to develop designs.

Unsurprisingly therefore, there are many different ways of structuring the competitive process – from a simple competitive interview and credentials presentation to a full blown multi-staged design competition.

The right option will depend on the client’s design aspirations, the budget, the timescale and the procurement constraints.

Our services :

It is our experience that to achieve the best results, each competition has to be individually tailored and therefore our service also has to be flexible.

Services we offer include:

Selecting the competition format

  • Defining the parameters for success
  • Designing an appropriate competitive process
  • Creating the competition brief
  • Outlining the rules of engagement
  • Planning the competition timetable and budget
  • Ensuring an ethical process

Identifying competitors

  • Access to a database of over 3,000 potential competitors from the UK and overseas
  • Research to identify suitable, potential competitors for each project
  • Advertising the competition appropriately

Publicity and engagement

  • Creating a competition website
  • Engaging stakeholder and local communities in the process
  • Assisting with community consultation and exhibitions
  • Engaging with the press and media, including social media
  • Exhibitions

Competition management

  • Ensuring a compliant procurement process
  • Maintaining confidentiality and anonymity
  • Briefing competitors at each stage of the process
  • Acting as point of contact for all concerned
  • Managing the competitive process: registrations, report writing, agendas, minutes, administration etc
  • Managing award payments
  • Creating an audit trail

Jurys and panel members

  • Helping to create a balanced and knowledgeable jury panel
  • Identifying individual panellists as required
  • Identifying technical advisors if required
  • Briefing the jury panel and technical advisors

Competition assessment

  • Advising on and agreeing scoring/evaluation procedures
  • Helping to evaluate submissions
  • Arranging and facilitating interviews and presentations
  • Arranging visits to buildings or competitors' offices
  • Feeding back to competitors
  • Debriefing and follow up

"The University has appointed Colander to assist in the architectural appointment process for a number of important, complex projects and have found the company to be extremely professional and proficient. Colander has the proven skills and the ability to secure interest from high quality architects on both a national and international basis, which have proved invaluable. I greatly value the services of Colander and would have no hesitation in employing them in the future."

— Roger Taylor, Director of Estates, University of Cambridge

To find out more about architectural competitions, please call 020 8771 6445, or email