1 to 1 Coaching - taking advantage of working from home

The opportunity for self-improvement behind closed doors is there to be taken...

The Times last week cited that uncertainty and anxiety, caused by the pandemic, results in a release of chemicals into the body, creating what neuroscientists call an 'allostatic load'. They suggest that one way to lessen this load is to focus on self-improvement.

Added to this, there is huge value to be gained from creating a discreet space for individuals to learn, away from the glare of their colleagues and the rough and tumble of projects: one of the side effects of this pandemic is that this space has effectively been created, quite simply because people are working from home.

The opportunity for self-improvement behind closed doors is there to be taken, whether by senior leaders within the practice, others who may be struggling to assert their influence on projects or even furloughed staff who have a mandate to undertake training.


We would like to introduce you to James Healy, our Communications Coach, who has over 20 years' experience working with architectural practices, engineering, construction, magic circle law firms and the big four accountancy firms, among others.

James helps people develop and hone their communication, influencing and negotiation skills.
If you or your colleagues would be interested in working discreetly with James, we propose four, one-hour sessions for each participant. The detail of each session would be determined by the individual, and focus on the issues they face within the practice and on projects, so each session will be tailored to help each person perform to their best in 'real life'. Potential topics could include:

  • Influencing the important decisions
  • Communicating with clarity
  • Confidence building
  • Dealing with tricky people
  • Communicating on-line.

James will work with each person on all aspects of Mind, Body and Voice, and explore how these can be used to advantage, enhancing both people's performance and their ability to influence others. This will be achieved through technical training on the fundamentals of communication, and through rehearsal/refinement of real-life conversations, presentations and situations where simple, clear communications are fundamental to success. The sessions will be interactive, challenging and (hopefully!) fun, and be interspersed with reading/rehearsal assignments for participants to undertake in their own time.

We suggest that the sessions take place on Zoom unless there is a particular desire to use another platform. Face-to-face will be possible as lockdown eases. Price: £200 per session + VAT

For further information please contact Alex Adam +44 (0) 20 8771 6445 or alex@colander.co.uk.