From aspiring architect, to client, to fence sitter

Colander Director, Caroline Cole, is talking at the Museum of Architecture about her eclectic career and the changing world of architecture...

Date: 12 April 2018
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Venue: Build Studios, 203 Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7FP London

This talk is part of MoA's Alternative Careers in Architecture series, that discusses the way architects are disrupting other industries, as well as the knowledge and skills that architectural training can bring to other professional spheres.

So how did Caroline Cole, who started out on a career as an architect, end up where she is today, running a firm that sits on the interface between consultants and their clients – working with both and helping each interact with the other?

This talk will explain how an eclectic career has enabled Caroline to inspire many successful architectural practices to develop their businesses, and enabled her to work alongside some of the UK's leading developers and building owners, helping to formulate their approach to architecture.

Drawing on anecdotes and observations that chart a personal view of the changing world in which architects operate, this talk will consider the importance of four main themes:

1. Interdisciplinary working
2. Fairness
3. A belief that good design adds value to world we live in
4. Honesty founded in logic and reason

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