Chronicling the pandemic

Thanks to COVID-19, the past few months have been truly extraordinary. The Equilibrium Network is undertaking a major research project to collect people’s experiences....

The invitation

The Equilibrium Network is inviting anyone and everyone who is working within the built environment to send a short video of themselves, filmed on their phones, talking about the impact that the pandemic has had on their lives, and the long-term changes that they envisage as a result, both personally and professionally.

In your video you are asked to consider three topics, say, up to a minute on each – no more than three minutes in total:


  • Your name, the job do you do and your level of seniority.


  • Where do you live? (on your own, with others, cramped or spacious, with or without access to outside space…)
  • What additional responsibilities have you assumed since COVID-19? (visiting/caring for relatives or neighbours, home-schooling, things that you used to pay others to do…)
  • What have you enjoyed most about this time and what has worried you most?


  • Have you been furloughed, or made redundant, has your income fallen?
  • Has your attitude to work changed? (do you feel more or less creative, interested and focused, able to concentrate, time pressured…)
  • How have your working relationships and your ability to influence projects been affected?


  • As a result of COVID-19, how do you think the way people work could or should change? (in particular think about people who are working to create the built environment)
  • How do you think the built environment will change as a result of COVID-19?
  • What do you think we should try to retain from this time?

Please send your video to if it is larger than 5MB, please use WeTransfer, or similar.

The videos will be used in two ways

  1. To create a formal, research report that explores how the pandemic has affected built environment professionals and how it might therefore affect the ways we design and build in the future.
  2. To share experiences through the Equilibrium Network's website and social media platforms.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would rather not share your video in a public arena, you just need to say so, and it will not be published. But please do not be put off… I would still encourage you to send your thoughts (either in a video as suggested, or in writing) and thereby to contribute to the research project. Unless you say otherwise, it will be assumed that you are happy to share your video on a public channel (YouTube or Vimeo for example) and to show it on the Equilibrium Network website and on other social media platforms.

Please send your video to if it is larger than 5MB, please use WeTransfer, or similar.


You have time to think about your response – but don’t leave it too long, we would like to capture your thoughts before they recede into the distant past.

I would like to encourage everyone to take part – this could be a really useful piece of collective work.