Facilitating freedom for all: Building cities for the next generation

As part of its latest series of online events, The Equilibrium Network is hosting an open workshop that will consider inter-generational freedom in cities...

This online, interactive event is free to attend but you will need to register if you want to take part.

It is taking place on 21 September at 17.30 (uk time) and will last for 75 minutes.  It will be delivered in English.

It is aimed at an international audience of people who are actively interested in making cities for all. There will be four provocative speakers from across Europe and the UK, as well as an interactive chat feature to encourage the audience to take part in the conversation. Following the presentations, there will be an open discussion with the audience, to allow ideas to be exchanged.

To find out more, and register visit the Equilibrium Network website.  

What will be considered?

The speakers will explore how we can shape urban spaces that cater to the needs and aspirations of the next generation and create inclusive, safe, and sustainable cities for all.

They will consider how diverse perspectives from young people can be integrated in the planning and development of cities, and how we might rise to the often conflicting challenges of both empowering and protecting our young citizens.

Also, given the increased awareness and controversy surrounding air quality and health, they will explore strategies as well as existing case studies from across Europe, where successful interventions have been established, to reduce air pollution and increase the quality of life.

Who is speaking?

The session will be chaired by Magali Thomson, Project Lead for Placemaking at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London.

The four speakers are:

  • Tim Gill, is a writer, author of 'Urban Playground: How child-friendly planning and design can save cities' and 'No Fear: Growing up in a risk-averse society'.
  • Inés Novella Abril, is an associate lecturer of Urban Planning at Universitat Politècnica de València and a researcher and coordinator at the UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality Policies in Science, Technology and Innovation.
  • Simeon Shtebunaev, is an interdisciplinary researcher in the built environment, working at Social Life. He was a principal investigator on the AHRC funded project ‘Are you game for climate action?‘ developing the board game Climania with young people, focusing on the role of the built environment in climate change.
  • Joni Baboci, is the founder of Layer, a spatial orchestration platform with global data coverage, which empowers teams to govern through tactics and patterns, while leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence. He has previously served as the General Director of Planning and Urban Development for the City of Tirana


The Equilibrium Network is proud to be one of the consortium members for the DivAirCity Project which aims to harness the power of diversity and social inclusion as a mean for reducing air pollution and achieving a green urban nexus in climate neutral cities.

This event is part of the DivAirCity Project, which is funded through the EU Horizon 2020 project.