International competition: New linear park for London

We are looking for a team with exceptional creativity and leadership skills to design a new park for London....

On behalf of Camden Town Unlimited, we are delighted to announce a competition to find a design-led team for a very special and unique project: to design a new park for London.

The Camden Highline is modelled on the hugely successful New York High Line and comprises a new public park and garden walk, transforming the elevated railway between Camden Town and King’s Cross into a new green artery for London. The aim is that the Highline will be a beacon for positive and sustainable development in the city: something that people will be inspired by, learn from and enjoy; an intervention that is harmonious within its neighbourhood.

The Highline will be open and free to all, a beautiful and welcoming linear garden, punctuated with seating areas, cafés, arts and cultural interventions and spaces for charitable activities, to further enhance the individuality of the experience and help promote social cohesion.

The Highline is a bottom-up project that has already captured the imagination of more than a thousand individual residents and business donors, who have been joined in their support by various statutory and grant funders. The client is determined that the Highline will be organically grown, drawing on the enthusiasm and support of the surrounding resident and business community that contributes to this extraordinary part of London.

Creativity, collaboration skills and design leadership will determine the winner, however as there are important technical issues inherent in the project, experience and expertise will also be a consideration.

We are encouraging interest from international and UK based designers, whether they are operating in large organisations, small, newly formed ventures, or coming together as a collaborative team for this project.

Alison Brooks of Alison Brooks Architects will be joining Kathryn Moore, Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Birmingham Land will be joining the Jury Panel , alongside Wayne Hemingway of Hemingway Design, Indy Johar of Dark Matters and Ed Jarvis, Urban Design Manager at Camden Council.

The deadline for Stage 1 submissions is 07 October 2020.

If you would like to get involved please take a look at the competition web page.