International competition: The Iron Line, Millom, Cumbria

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity, in particular for our landscape colleagues....

We are looking for a landscape-led interdisciplinary design team to sensitively develop the beautiful coastal Iron Line at Millom in Cumbria into a recreational attraction that unites ecology, heritage and culture.

  • Image credit: Op-en

Copeland Borough Council and Millom Town Deal Board, have been allocated a sizeable grant from the government’s Town Fund, to deliver a transformational programme of investment and development for the Millom and Haverigg area. The purpose of the funding is: 'to drive long term economic and productivity growth, through investment in connectivity, land use, economic assets (including cultural assets), skills and enterprise infrastructure'.

  • Image credit: David Savage

The Iron Line project was selected by the local community as one of four interlinked projects which together form the Town Investment Plan.

It is conceived as one element in South Copeland’s tourism offer, somewhere to return to because of its natural beauty and the quality of its educational and commercial offers.

  • Image credit: Sam Scales, 2020. Courtesy of CBC

Much of the area is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), incorporating the RSPB Hodbarrow Nature Reserve, which is renown for its nesting terns..

The challenge to the winning design team will be balancing the needs of humans and the natural world: how can the critical need for economic prosperity and development to support the local population, be balanced with the sanctity of the natural setting on this important piece of England’s natural coastline?

The deadline for receipt of Stage 1 submissions is 21 October 2021. To find out more visit the competition webpage.