Developing a small site?

Archiboo and Rare Space are holding a conference with all the answers....

As the conference blurb says:

"Architects are often best placed to spot the potential of awkward, compact sites but because current land disposal policy is focused on securing the best price and planning permission, it has made it very hard for anyone but the big developers to access sites."

However, the Mayor of London envisages that 36,000 of the 66,000 homes that London needs by 2020 will be on sites under 0.25ha - and this is where there are huge opportunities for architects to leverage development returns.

This conference aims to help smaller organisations - and architects in particular - take advantage of these small scale development opportunities.

Topics will cover finding land, buying land, case studies and marketing and selling your development.

Speakers will include representatives from the GLA that has just announced details of ten sites owned by TfL, to come forward under its Small Sites, Small Builders programme.

The conference is on 19 April. To find out more visit Archiboo.