Public courses for the Autumn

Four public course for the Autumn: focused on building relationships, new business and being efficient....

It feels slightly odd - sitting here in 30degrees heat - to be thinking about the coolness of Autumn but, we have been under pressure from a number of practices to get dates in the diary for our next wave of public courses: so, here are four.

The first, on 20 September: 'Working and managing more efficiently' is our version of time management. We know that for many architects - and particularly those in management positions - there do not seem to be enough hours in the day. Making the best use of the precious hours that are available, is crucial for projects, for the business and for the well being of the individuals involved. This course is a treasure trove of tips and tools to help make the time spent at work really count.

The second, on 27 September: 'Networking and relationship building' addresses the thorny issue of having to talk to strangers. The majority of new business opportunities these days come through personal relationships and yet, most of us approach networking with a mixture of dread and tongue-tied shyness. This course aims to boost the confidence of even the most unenthusiastic networker; who knows, networking might even become fun!

The third, on 11 October: 'Marketing and new business development' looks at how to engage architects in new business, without putting them in the uncomfortable position of overtly having to sell. It looks at the dynamics between clients and those that aspire to work with them and considers the tools that might be available to help architects win their dream jobs from their dream clients.

Finally, the fourth, on 17 October: 'Submission documents that win' is one of our most enduring courses ever, playing as it does to our experiences of working client side and our knowledge of how a credentials document will be perceived and processed by different client types. Over the years this course has evolved to address the increasingly onerous and tick-boxed processes that seem to plague many procurement routes but it also addresses the more interesting question of how a document might attract a client's attention and ensure that a design team moves forward to the next stage in the selection process.

All of these courses are designed specifically for architects. They include case studies and examples that are drawn from live projects and real life situations that architects find themselves coping with on a daily basis. We limit the number of people on each course to ensure that there is good interaction and time for conversation - that way everyone can explore the subject and make it their own.

If you'd like to find out more, do call us on 020 8771 6445 or email Lucy Gordon. We do offer discounts to practices that want to send more than one person to a course.