A conundrum: business skills v architecture

Our Director, Caroline Cole is now teaching on the MA course at IE University, Madrid, bringing business acumen to architects...​

Wouldn't it be amazing if more of our talented designers operated in organisations where creativity, innovation and good design worked hand in hand with supportive management, financial security, investment and knowledge sharing?

IE School of Architecture and Design in Madrid is one of the few educational establishments that is trying to address this, by teaching architects how to run successful businesses.

I've been enjoying contributing to the course: last year helping the MA students learn about Design Management; this year I will also be running a module on Marketing and Design.

We all know that there is a woeful lack of regard for business skills in architectural education, so it is refreshing to find a University that is committed to teaching architects how to succeed in business.

I was a little surprised to see that, despite being taught in English, there was only one student from the UK in this year's cohort of 27 people. In fact, the diversity of the students was a real revelation - from 18 different countries and with more than half being women.

The programme aims to provide architectural graduates with the skills to design, create and manage successful architectural firms. In the cut throat world in which we are all operating, this can only be useful.

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