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Our journal tells you about things that Colander is doing but it also includes think pieces, conversations and interesting information gleaned from the wider industry.

Communicating architecture

Carolyn Larkin, Founder of Caro Communications, talks about the newly launched Davidson Prize with its focus on communicating design - it seems the options are limitless but which are best....?

Creating successful places in a post-pandemic world

John Lewis, Executive Director for Thamesmead at Peabody, looks forward to industry involvement in the Thamesmead Waterfront competition, and considers what makes successful places….

Architects and recessions

Long term Colander Associate, Tom Taylor, shares his sage advice to help architects survive the latest - and future - recessions....

The gift of London's parks

Simon Pitkeathley, of Camden Town Unlimited, writes about the importance of urban parks and the complications of trying to create a new one - in London's busy metropolis....

Communicating design

We live in a world of sound bites and hyperbole, how can designers get their voices heard above the noise....

Architects Declare is one year old!

Architects Declare, the 11-point declaration that seeks to mitigate architects' contribution to the climate and biodiversity emergency, has captured imaginations across the world....

Leading through a crisis

Do crises throughout the ages follow specific patterns? If so, why, what are they, and what can we learn from them....

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