Architects as Project Leaders: Part 2

Architects as Project Leaders: Part 2 looks in more detail at some of the key issues introduced in Part 1, helping delegates to build the skills and confidence required to successfully lead projects through to completion.

Who this course is for

This course is about supporting and encouraging architects and designers to be capable and confident members of the leadership groups within projects.

It is particularly aimed at project architects and designers who are in the front line, running and leading projects, managing their architectural resources and the wider design teams, dealing with clients, contractors and diverse stakeholders – all while trying to design at the same time.

Course format

This is Part 2 of the Architects as Project Managers course and should follow Part 1.

The course is run by Tom Taylor, one of the founding members of the highly influential 'designer-friendly' project management firm, Buro Four.

In this course, Tom will develop the working methodologies for successful project leadership, analysing the responsibilities that are key to this position, and offering delegates tools to help them deal with the challenges, and the opportunities they will face.

The course is run over two days. In keeping with the Colander philosophy, both days are intensely practical, using an interactive workshop style with working exercises, case studies, discussions and activities. A printed, bound set of courses notes will be given to each delegate.

Delegate numbers are limited in order to maintain the interactive quality of the training.

Course content

All in-house courses can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of individual practices. The suggested topics for this course build on the topics addressed in 'Architects as Project Leaders: Part 1' and include :

Day 1

  • MAG factor
    Looking at the ranges of different clients, this opening module will explore how much Management, Administration and Guidance each may require.
  • Design demarcation techniques
    Who will design what? How to define and explain with clarity and certainty.
  • Architects as problem solvers
    Dealing with conundrums – in practice.
  • Delegation and allocation
    Exploring the essentials and tricks within delegator and delegatee roles.
  • Misunderstandings about time
    Does everyone have the same understanding about dates, times and durations?
  • What is success?
    For example what does win: win mean – and who decides?

Day 2

  • Change controls
    A series of diverse techniques including change resistance.
  • Client involvement
    When and how much client involvement.
  • Not wasting creativity
    Alternative actions to optimise circumstances for creative solutions.
  • Show me the diagram
    Can a picture tell complex messages or arrangements simply and clearly – with an example close to home?
  • Misunderstandings about cost
    Does everyone have the same understandings about costs and money?
  • Features of frameworks
    The range of features of frameworks and relationships – with disadvantages and advantages.


CPD Certificates are issued to all attendees.