Effective communication in a gender diverse world

This course helps delegates, both female and male, set the tone for constructive, equitable and durable working relationships. It offers techniques for working collaboratively, improving communications and influencing with confidence.

Who this course is for

The course is for men and women who are responsible for developing relationships on behalf of their practices, whether with clients or with others in the design and delivery teams.

Course format

This is a one-day course delivered by two trainers:

Caroline Cole: who has experience of working both as a designer and as a client commissioning design, who brings to the table knowledge of the requirements of both sides of the fence.

James Healy: who trained as an actor and whose innovative approach to enabling effective communications and developing influence is attracting the attentions of organisations from across the globe.

The course is interactive and combines practical techniques and robust principles of effective communication, with architectural scenarios and case studies to bring the theory to life.

A printed, bound set of courses notes will be given to each delegate.

Course content

All our in-house courses can (and should) be tailored to meet the exact requirements of individual practices; topics that we might cover through this course include:

  • What are good ‘people skills’ and why do we need them anyway?
  • Tools for effective communication
  • Understanding human behaviour through the lens of Jungian archetypal psychology – practical examples of relating different communication styles to appeal to different character types.
  • Planning to manage expectations
  • Communicating through a common language
  • Influencing techniques - use of language, voice and body to communicate with confidence and clarity.
  • Handling difficult conversations – analysis and experimentation of when to ‘push’ information and when to ‘pull’ from conversations.
  • How to assert when appropriate and when to acquiesce while maintaining credibility.
  • Effective listening – broadening emotional intelligence and understanding through analysis of the ‘Three Levels of Listening’: Head, Heart & Gut.
  • Rehearsal and coaching on ‘Sense of Purpose’ and how to use this as a differentiator.
  • Formal and informal relationships
  • Dealing with change


CPD Certificates are issued to all attendees.