Getting published

Good public relations will endorse both the design and the intellectual skills of a practice.

So, how can the press and media help get the most from a diverse portfolio of work, and promote the talent in a practice?

Who this course is for

This course has been designed for architects who wish to have a better understanding of Public Relations and how to make it work for their businesses.

It is also for marketing directors and managers looking to maximise the effectiveness of public relations in an architectural world.

Course format

Carolyn Larkin, who delivers this course for us, is one of the most highly experienced Public Relations consultants working with architects and designers in the UK.

In this course, Carolyn looks at appropriate ways of managing and promoting an architectural portfolio through Public Relations. In keeping with the Colander philosophy, it is an intensely interactive course, using practical examples and case studies that draw on Carolyn's extraordinary expertise.

A comprehensive bound set of course notes will be provided to each delegate.

Course content

All in-house courses can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of individual practices, suggested topics include :

  • Tailoring Public Relations for architectural practice
  • Defining the role of Public Relations in the overall marketing strategy
  • Creating a Public Relations programme suited to your individual practice
  • Understand the media and knowing what journalists are looking for
  • Learning how to present your story to the media
  • Self publicity using on-line methods
  • Case histories
  • Developing a PR culture – ensuring PR is a daily consideration in the operation of your practice


CPD Certificates are issued to all attendees.