Networking and relationship building

We all know that personal connections improve business opportunities but talking to strangers and engaging them in a conversation that enables a professional relationship to develop is not something that comes naturally to most designers.

For many, ‘networking’ and ‘selling’ are the two most uncomfortable aspects of their work.

Who this course is for

This course is for partners and directors of architectural practices, as well as senior staff, who find themselves meeting new people and needing to impress them on behalf of their practices.

Course format

We are delighted that Daphne Thissen has agreed to run this course for us. She has hands on experience of networking in a diplomatic environment and shares her expertise using practical examples and role play, to give participants practical tools with which to confront the fears and obstacles inherent in a networking environment. The aim is to make networking a constructive, if not fun, experience – both professionally and personally.

The training combines theory with practical applications, using architectural case studies, group activities and discussions to ensure full participation and relevance to real life.

A printed, bound set of courses notes will be given to each delegate.

Course content

All in-house courses can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of individual practices, suggested topics include :

  • Networking for Architects; which approaches are most effective?
  • Self-confidence, sincerity and positive presentation
  • Working a room
  • Finding the right balance between social and professional engagement
  • Business Culture; which networks work for which sectors and environments?
  • Self-assessment: how flexible and open-minded are you?
  • Intercultural connections, adjusting your style for different audiences
  • Simultaneously hosting and making connections
  • Following up and developing the new connections
  • Personal action list


CPD Certificates are issued to all attendees.